The Workshop Experience with Katelyn James

In 2012, I discovered Katelyn James while searching for wedding photographers for my best friend, Erica, immediately after she got engaged. This was my first ‘Maid of Honor’ task. I called her up while living in Tunisia and said ‘OMG! I found the most perfect photographer, start saving up, but it’s going to be worth every penny!’ Well low and behold Katelyn was booked, but from that moment on I’ve followed her every post and completely fallen in love with her style of photography. I would dream of one day having my own photography business with stunning images just like hers. It seemed so unattainable at that time, but slowly I worked up the courage to go for it. Almost exactly three years later I found myself sitting at her workshop at the Big Spring Farm in Lexington, VA in awe that this dream was finally coming to life. This past year was very challenging and filled with an immense amount of sadness however I can truly say this was one of the absolute highlights of 2015. I really can’t put into words what it meant to be able to attend one of Katelyn’s workshops and learn from one of the very best photographers in the industry. And even better, to gain a new friend. Katelyn isn’t just a photographer, or teacher, or industry leader. She is a genuine, sweet, young girl with one of the biggest hearts I’ve ever met. She takes time to get to know you and develop a lasting friendship because she lives to make a difference in others lives through her photography.

The Workshop Experience was the first one ever at Big Spring Farm in Lexington, VA. I’ve traveled the world for years and have been so fortunate to see some stunning places, but can honestly say Big Spring Farm is one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen yet. Pictures don’t even do it justice once you get to experience the farm in person. So not only was the workshop a dream, but getting to attend one at one of the most gorgeous locations and wedding venues was a HUGE added plus.

The workshop consisted of 2 full days of teaching and hands on experience with a group of approximately 18 participants. She overloads you with the greatest amount of information possible in those 2 days so you walk away having ALL the tools you need to run and grow a successful business in this industry. It’s incredible how much she can pack into that short amount of time. You really walk away SO motivated to go face all your fears and accomplish your to do list that has been lingering on your desk for months.

The styled shoot planned by a phenomenal group of vendors in the industry was by far the highlight of the workshop. Getting hands on experience shooting and learning about posing and shooting wedding details from Katelyn was so incredibly helpful. And you are just going to swoon over these stunning images!

If you are a new photographer or have been in business for years, I highly recommend The Workshop Experience with Katelyn. I absoutely promise you will not regret it. Without it I know I wouldn’t be where I am today. I’m booking multiple weddings for 2016 already and had a full fall schedule of sessions that I’m SO grateful for. I can’t wait to see what 2016 has in store!

And Katelyn – I can’t thank you and Michael enough. When you opened your heart to all of us explaining why you both do what you do and the true meaning behind your business it really hit home with me. It solidified exactly why I truly believe in photography and the real meaning to me personally behind my passion. I know that I’m making a difference in others lives by providing them with images they will cherish for the rest of their lives. And nothing can replace that. I was shooting a wedding this past Saturday and I showed one of the bridesmaids an image I captured at the reception of her and her little girl laughing and she just hugged me and repeatedly thanked me, telling me how she will cherish that image forever of the two of them. And I honestly teared up because I stood in that moment thinking once again, ‘and this is why I LOVE what I do. This is why I do what I do’. Especially having dealt with such great loss this past year, it hits so much deeper with me. And has so much more meaning that I wouldn’t have understood before <3


KJ Workshop-4



KJ Workshop-19

KJ Workshop part 1-12


KJ Workshop-64

KJ Workshop-21



KJ Workshop-38

KJ Workshop-52

KJ Workshop-61


KJ Workshop-63

KJ Workshop-66

And a few from ‘behind the scenes’ shots!

KJ Workshop part 1


KJ Workshop part 1-10

And of course I had to add one of Bokeh! He is like a little human but in dog form <3