The Process

It’s rainy. It’s a Sunday. Life has been a bit crazy busy in all the good ways (I’ve never been very good at sitting still). But being glued to my desk with Spotify, editing, just gets my mind going. Some people watch shows or movies in the background while editing, however it’s always a time when I start to get deep in thought. Just me and the music.

I discovered a love for snowboarding this winter and it’s been such a great thing to focus on and pour energy into. I realized being in the mountains, many times just alone on the mountain, was my happy place. It was so peaceful. And I was always my happiest. It was just me, my music, the crisp clean cold air, stunning scenery and the constant challenge of trying to master a new sport. I eventually decided I needed to make the plunge and invest in all my own equipment and I bought a board I had my eye on since the beginning of the season. It was still in the shop. It felt meant to be. And something I never noticed until riding the ski lift admiring my new beautiful investment was that the board was called, ‘The Process’.

I’m not sure if I believe in signs anymore. I want to but through these past few years I don’t ever feel as though any signs are around. Some feel I’m just not open to recognizing them however I really just think they aren’t there. But this was a sign to me. And a reminder. It just felt meant to be. That this board I loved, the one I finally took the plunge to buy (bc I am the most indecisive person over these things), had the most meaningful name that symbolizes so much in my life or really anyones for that matter. A reminder that everything is a process. Learning how to snowboard. Learning how to navigate this new life I didn’t ever expect to be faced with. Opening up your heart. Forgiving. Loving. Seeing the beauty in everyday when it feels like the world is crashing down on you. Building a successful business from scratch. Training my puppy. Being the best Pure Barre teacher possible. It’s ALL a process. Nothing happens overnight. Even though I can be SO impatient and want it to. That’s not the way any of this works. It’s about trusting in the process. Recognizing everything is a process and takes time. I’m writing this knowing it’s exactly what I need to hear. And remember everyday.

When life overwhelms you, when you can’t see the light, when it feels like the universe isn’t on your side…just remember it’s a process.

So here is to seeing the beauty in the process. Finding the positives. Working hard to be the best version of yourself daily. xo