Stump Family Session

I finally was able to work out a date to take family pictures of my brother’s family! I of course am biased since I’m these three kiddos Auntie – but I think they are pretty much some of the most adorable kids ever! ; ) It was a pretty chilly afternoon but they were all troopers and we worked as fast as we could to hurry up and finish so we could go to ‘grandaddy’s store’ and get hot chocolate and candy! 

This photo is my absolute favorite – and this is why I love what I do. Those smiles<3

Stump Family-19

Stump Family


Stump Family-25

Stump Family-36

Stump Family-23


Stump Family-46

Love this one! Meg you are gorgeous!

Stump Family-52



Stump Family-41

Stump Family-72

These are the ones I end up loving the most – it’s real life right there <3


Stump Family-76

Stump Family-81

We had to get one picture of them with their bunnies and Cody!

Stump Family-85

Stump Family-86

Stump Family-84

Stump Family-78