One foot in front of the other…

When I go running, there is usually a point when I’m just ready to quit. Maybe I’ve just ran out of energy that day, maybe I’m bored, but whatever the reason I always say to myself ‘just one foot in front of the other’. Alo would always say that on our long runs together and its always stuck with me.

Then it makes me think deeper. This doesn’t just apply for running, but life in general. It’s a ‘one foot in front of the other’ game. You may not want to keep going. You may want to park it at that very moment wherever you may be and give up. Forever. I personally have felt this way many times this past year. It’s been a rough one to say the least. It’s been beyond challenging. My grandfather, one of the closest men to me apart from Alo and my Dad, just passed away about two months ago. He was basically my second Dad and was beside me every step of the way. Losing two of the most important men in my life in less than 10 months is just not fair. It’s brutal. But that’s life. It’s not fair and you just have to ‘put one foot in front of the other’ and keep going. So that’s what i’m trying so hard to do daily. And to get better and better at it. It’s a long road. But nothing good ever came easy. And I have my amazing friends and family to thank for pushing me.

I’ve never written about Alo’s death. He was my husband. My best friend. He had my whole heart. And to this day I still can’t seem to get any words on paper or this computer that even start to make any sense. I can’t believe this is real life and he’s never coming back. But the only choice I have is to ‘put one foot in front of the other’ and keep going.

I’m so passionate about my photography because photos are all you have in the end. Yes of course the memories, but memories fade and those images in your head aren’t always as sharp as time goes on. Photographs freeze that specific moment in time forever. Whether it’s a simple laugh showing joy, a hug between a father and his daughter showing their love, or a babies first few days on this earth. You will hold onto those photographs and cherish them forever.

Alo was so passionate about his work. He always wanted to be making a difference in this world and he certainly impacted the lives of so many people from so many countries. And that’s exactly what he would want me to be doing. Pursuing something I’m passionate about, taking a risk, and making a difference. I’m capturing moments for clients that they will treasure forever. That they will share with friends and family. That they will look back on in 10 years and be so thankful they have these ‘tangible memories’. That no matter what twist and turns life may take, they always have that memory frozen in time through a photograph from me.

I’m just beginning this journey and I know it’s going to be a long one. And a hard one. But if I keep ‘putting one foot in front of the other’ and pushing through, I’ll someday make it to the finish line…and I plan on coming in first.