About Me

View More: http://ashleypowellphotography.pass.us/carrie-cushing--rts-headshotsI love capturing life’s moments. From the simple, to the small, to the monumental moments in your life. My passion for photography began years ago when I first moved overseas. Traveling the world meant I obviously had a camera in tow at all times.

For me, photography is freezing that specific moment in time forever. And in the end all you have are pictures. Yes of course memories too – but memories inevitably fade as time goes on. Photography fills my heart with so much happiness as I know the images I create will be treasured forever.

A little bit about me: I love anything banana. My puppy Pearl is my whole world and has brought me more love and laughs than I could ever have imagined. I’ve traveled to approximately 30 countries and my to-do list is forever ongoing. I lived overseas for four years and can’t express how important I feel travel is to everyone’s soul. So get out there and do it! Switzerland and Bhutan are two of my absolute favorite countries I’ve visited thus far. Italy, France and pretty much all of SE Asia are right behind them. I love to scuba dive. I’m a total foodie and there isn’t much I won’t try at least once – I even ate a bug in Thailand one time (yes it still kinda makes me cringe bc I HATE bugs!)